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Nature of Job:

Installation and repair of electrical wiring are the prime job of electricians. They often work as a freelancer or worked for a construction or electrical unit. 

Basic Tasks:

  • Install Electrical wirings and connect it to the main fuse or source of electricity
  • Repair malfunctions and damages
  • Inspect the wiring and electric status
  • Communicate with the client on the kind and style of electrical installation that they want
  • Communicate with engineers or architects on the electric positioning (For building electricians)
  • Inspect the electrical instrument to be used
  • Advise good and appropriate installation and the kind of instrument or product to be use.

Education and Training Requirements:

  • Must have taken 2 year vocational course in Electric Technology.
  • Must have at least 2-5 years experience as a Electrician

Salary Information:

Local Employment:

  • Local Electrician often work as freelancer, they receive a fix price according to their negotiation with the customer. However, Company Electrician receives a minimum salary of PhP380.00 a day.

Overseas Employment:

  • UAE- AED1, 800 or PhP23, 128 a month
  • Qatar-QAR1. 870 or PhP24, 241 a month
  • US- SD30, 378 or 1, 433,689 per annum
  • Australia- AUD1, 051,990 per annum

Skills and Competency Requirements:

  • Must have wide knowledge and ability in Electric Installation and repair
  • Knowledge in different kinds of installation
  • Must have wide knowledge in repairing electric circuits
  • Must have knowledge in electrical devices
  • Knowledge in connecting wires and plugs
  • Basic knowledge in reading blueprints
  • Can communicate with Engineers or site coordinator for the installation
  • Must have good communication skills

Employment Opportunities:

Electricians have high opportunity abroad, they are one of the highly needed in construction in Australia, Middle East and Canada. These countries require highly skilled Electricians with enough experience and impeccable expertise. A high salary with competitive incentives awaits deserving electricians

Work Environment:

Electricians can be assigned to work in any place since their main work is to maintain electricity. They work in private houses, construction and any establishment that needed electricity. Electricians are provided with safety suits and equipments to avoid accidents.

Work Hours:

Electrician works for 8-10 hours a day

Career Advancement:

Entry level Electricians are called apprentice, once that they are promoted they can be level 1 Electrician. After having a good record of performance, they can be promoted as Senior or Head Electrician.

 Jobs for Electrician  View More Job Profiles