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Nature of Job:


Welders are mainly assigned in joining metal parts. They are mostly needed in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, building construction, bridge construction, and other jobs that needs joining metal parts.


There are also several different types of welding processes that a welder can use.  Although there are actually over 80 different types of welding processes, the most common is arc welding.  Those that become skilled in arc welding generally learn TIG and MIG welding, which are the two most common forms of arc welding.  TIG is generally used for aluminum and stainless steel applications and involves melting a rod to the pieces while MIG utilizes a continual spool of wire.


A Welding and Metal Fabrication Technician performs the different basic and advanced metal welding processes.


Basic Tasks:

  • Cutting and joining of metal products with the use of gas flame, electric arc, thermite compound and other methods;
  • Handle welding machines;
  • Make and repair lead linings, pipes, floors and other lead fixtures with the use of blow torch;


Education and Training Requirements:

A three-year post secondary non-degree course in Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology is needed to be a welder.


Skills and Competency Requirements:

·         Knowledge and can perform both basic and advance metal welding courses;

·         Knowledge in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry;

·         Comprehension in non-destructive tests for welding;

·         Good analytical skills


Work Environment:

Automobile manufacturing


Building construction

Bridge construction


Working Hours:

8 hours


Career Advancement:

Welders can go as far as foreman or supervisor if he earned enough working experience or pursuing studies or trainings in his chosen field of specialization.


Employment Opportunities:

Welders are highly in demand abroad; in fact they are recorded as highest deployed worker in construction industry. They may be employed both local and overseas in:

Metal working industries

Welding plants

 Jobs for Welder  View More Job Profiles