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Stevedore’s Life Always at Risk

Stevedores are person employed to load or unload cargoes for ships at ports. They are also usually called ‘dockers’, and one of their main job is to secure containers on board ship with chains.

Dockers must be extra careful when performing their job so they won’t put their life at risk, which is a natural for their work.  Aside from wearing gloves that will protect their hands to lashes or bruises from handling metal chain slings, stevedores should also put on helmets all the time.

In one incident, a stevedore was hit on the head when the chain broke while securing one container. The metal chain struck his helmet badly that it instantly cracked. Luckily, the stevedore only needed to have stitches on his head and an 11-day medical rest.

If the stevedore hadn’t had his helmet on the time the chain broke and hit his head, it would be impossible for him to survive.

How, despite the reality that stevedores job is a risky one, can port management ensure their safety?

  • Strictly imposed wearing of protective gears like gloves, helmets and safety shoes.

  • Constant inspections of chains and lashing equipments use on loading and unloading containers in ships.

  • Thorough inspection and maintenance of gears used on this jobs, especially on busy shipping ports.


*source: marineinsight

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