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Filipino Seafarers Can Calm Now, You Won’t Be Banned

It was October last year when news about Filipino seafarers to be banned in United Kingdom and Europe spread. Filipino seafarers were alarmed to the fact that they may face rejection from being crew member of European ships.


Filipino seafarers were said to be prohibited from joining European vessels when issue about the training programs for seafarers were brought up.


The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) Senior Project Office Jaime Vega stayed in the Philippines from September to October last year. He inspected MARINA, CHED and PRC. His audit report is expected to be released this month.


But the Philippine government is positive that the problems for seafarers training programs will be solved and EMSA will appreciate the steps they are making to improve it.


Also, MARINA Administrator Max Mejia has affirmed that reforms are continually being



So Filipino seafarers can now stay calm and be assured that they won’t be banned by European vessels to join their crew.




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