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10 Ways for Seafarers to Keep Fit and Healthy While Onboard

There are many challenges faced by seafarers on board ship that will test not only their strengths, but also their emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and health side.

Staying fit and healthy is important for seafarers to be able to perform their duties well and to overcome problems that they will encounter on their journey.

Here are some simple tips on how seafarers can stay fit and healthy:

  1. Consume a balance and healthier meal. Seafarers can choose to have a meal that includes fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats. Have white meat grilled, roasted or steamed than fried for lesser fats. Brown rice is also better. But if it’s not available, you can just reduce your white rice intake. Breakfast shouldn’t be skipped because it is the most important for seafarers to have the needed energy for their work. You can have wheat bread, boiled egg, fruits, oatmeal, and fresh milk.

  2. Do a brisk walk or jog. If the weather is good, seafarers can do a brisk walk or jog around the ship. This will awaken your body for the strenuous work you’ll do for the day.

  3. Maintain a daily workout by engaging in sports activity. After your duty, try to invite your co-seafarers for a basketball game even in the small corner of the ship. This will not only exercise your body but it will also boost camaraderie among your shipmates.


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  1. Try to detoxify daily. As simple as drinking eight (8) glasses of water a day will help cleanse your body of all toxins that may weaken your immune system which will lead to sickness. And as seafarers, you should be healthy enough not to get ill as often as possible or your job will be affected.

  2. Minimize alcohol intake as possible. Some shipping company imposes no alcohol policy on ships which seafarers should follow. Personal limits should be set and only occasional drinks should be allowed.

  3. Keep a constant communication with family and friends. With today’s modern technology, communicating with every person will be as easy as a snap. Talking and seeing pictures and videos of your family and friends will help lessen any stress you may acquire while you’re on board.

  4. Drink milk instead of carbonated drinks. Milk gives calcium that our body needs for stronger bones, which most seafarers should have because of the nature of their work at sea.

  5. Always have a positive attitude. Seafarers need to adjust on changes that may happen on the ship. Being open-minded will broaden not only your knowledge but your skill in listening to others side. No matter how hard the situation may be seafarers’ positive attitude will make a big difference.

  6. Cultivate a happy personality. Difficult challenges and problems will always emerge in a day, but seafarers must not frown or fret. Do not take such things too personal, as it will also affect how you’ll interact with your co-seafarers. Just continue being happy, spread the aura and you’ll be surprise on how bright your every day will turn out.

  7. Keep an open line with the creator. God, Lord, Allah, or whatever you may call Him, it’s important to always pray. Every single pray will create a positive effect on a seafarer’s life. Whether it’s just to say thank you for a new day to live or to ask for protection on the next journey to take at sea, it is always great to say a prayer.



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