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What Smart Seafarers Should Do Before Boarding a Ship

Seafarers are regarded as perfect example of responsible people. They take care not only of themselves, but also of their co-mariners on board and of their loved ones on land.


It is hard and stressful for seafarers to take care and think not only of their family’s safety, but also of their own, while they are at seas.


So, as a smart seafarer, what steps should you take to lessen anxieties while you’re on board that ship and sailing in seven seas?


Share with your family all the important contact information. For seafarers, this is generally the most important and essential thing to do before joining a ship.  Seafarers must give to their family names and contact number of the reliable person from the shipping company that can be called in case of emergency, where the message can be passed.


Open a debit/ATM account your family can use in case of emergency. The family you left will surely contact you whenever an emergency occurs, and it will be very frustrating if they can’t reach you or you can’t send the needed amount back home.  So it is wise to open an account beforehand which they can use in emergencies. Make it a habit to deposit on the account from time to time or after the reserve funds have been used.


Keep a photocopy of all your documents at home and on board.  Make at least three different photocopied sets of all your official documents, from travelling tickets to the official job contract. Though a seafarer is required to bring the original copies, it is wiser to have another set for your back up, in case you lost or misplaced the original ones. Leave another set of these documents to your family that they can use in case you’d had accidents or legal procedures.


Have an extra pair of clothes and boiler suit in your hand carry on the plane.  This is necessary for seafarers since there are many instances where luggage are lost or misplaced.  These extra clothing will be useful in your work once you’ve joined the ship, until your luggage was returned.


Be familiar with laws on areas or countries included in the ship’s itinerary. If you already know which country you’ll pass through, it is useful for seafarers to know some laws that govern seafarers. This may include what you can or can’t do while on their ports, or what seafarers can or can’t bring on their land.



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