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Good Nutrition for Seafarers

 Good health is important to seamen's lives.  Nutrition plays a very important role in a seafarer's health mostly because of the demanding work environment of the ship especifically in terms of physical condition.


Nutrition is understood as being the joint process by which the body receives, transforms and uses foodstuffs. These constitutes the necessary and essential materials to sustain life. Man's nutritional needs vary depending on age, sex, degree of physical activity and even climate. However, food intake does not always coincide with these needs either due to a lack or an excess of one or more elements.


Here's a piece of advice for a better and healthier nourishment for seafarers:



  1.  Reduce the consumption of animal fats and replace with vegetable oils.


  2.  Reduce the consumption of red meats and increase the intake of fish and poultry.


  3.  Limit the intake of refined flour (pasta, bread), substituting it with wholemeal bread, rich in fiber.


  4.  Increase milk consumption and that of its derivatives (cheese, potatoes, vegetables, pulses and fruits).


  5.  Do not consume more than 3 grams of salt per day.



The excessive consumption of highly processed food like salt, sugar and saturated fats can affect the nutritional habits for a number of seafarers nowadays. On the other hand, consumption of fish, fruits, and vegetables proves to be particularly insufficient although such food is being provided on ships.

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