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Advantages of Online Application

Seafarers usually gather around T.M. Kalaw to search for maritime jobs. But hey, it's about time to take advantage of the technology. Plunge in to online application. As we always say here in Seaman Jobsite, “there's no harm in trying”.

So why are we suggesting this online application time and again? Because you will benefit from this. Yes, you. Benefit. Guess we already put an emphasis on it already, eh? Here are the advantages, read.



    Having an online resume gives you a huge, wide access to plenty of seafare jobs. It's like visiting different manning agencies in a span of an hour – or less – without staying under the sun or getting drenched in a rain.



    Access to the Internet allows you to research about the manning agency or agencies and the principals where you wish to send you application in. Although some of the manning agencies post comprehensive information about their job advertisements in Seaman Jobsite, others don’t. You can find out other information by yourself with just a simple online search.


  3. You don't have to rush to be at the agency's office before their break or closing time come. With Seaman Jobsite, you can send your application anytime of the day or night, even in wee hours. You can view and apply for jobs at the click of a mouse while eating your favorite breakfast, sipping a cup of hot coffee, while traveling, while watching NBA, or cheering for Manny Pacquiao.



    You don't have to dress up in sending your resume. Simply login to your Seaman Jobsite account whatever you're wearing at that moment and voila! Another application of yours is sent. As easy as that.


  5. You don't have to print and reprint multiple copies of your CV (curriculum vitae) every time you send an application. All you need is your updated and complete online resume. Mother Earth is even gonna thank you for reducing the use of paper.


  6. Should a manning agency viewed your account/online resume and find you qualified for the job they're in search for, you will receive an offer, regardless if you submitted an application to them or not.

Seaman Jobsite aims to make your search for a seafare career easy. In this age of information technology, vast amount of information and easier ways of job hunting is just within your reach. Aside from thousands of job vacancies in our site, you can stay updated by following our Facebook Fan page and via job alerts we send in your e-mail.

To access your account or register and create your online resume with us, sign up/log in here.  To browse and apply for seafare jobs, visit our homepage.  Be on the loop, like us on Facebook, too.

Let us help you.  It's time to give it a try. After all, this will not hurt you, your pocket, and your time.

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