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AIDA Cruises to Hire Crew Members From Typhoon-hit Areas

Almost a month after a super typhoon hit the Central Philippines, help from foreign nationals continue to pour, just like the chance for super typhoon Yolanda survivors  to work abroad to be able to rebuild their lives after the disaster.

German cruise line AIDA Cruises conducted a two-day caravan to provide opportunities and jobs to those who are badly affected by the recent super typhoon.

Applicants who will qualify for the jobs will work onboard AIDA Cruises' 10 vessels.

The news about the job opportunities for Yolanda survivors were announced during a charity event hosted by AIDA Cruises, in cooperation with Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) for the seafarers and their families who were also affected by the calamity.

"The hospitality and excellent qualification of the Visayans are highly appreciated by the German guests onboard," said Imke Mecke, AIDA Senior Manager for Recruitment Fleet.

Mecke also announced that more maritime jobs will be available for Filipino seafare aspirants as two new AIDA vessels are set to arrived in 2015 and 2016 which will be manned my Filipino crew members.
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