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Things to Consider When Looking for Ship Jobs

 Everybody knows that a career in a sea-based industry comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits are the reasons why many dream to land a job aboard a ship. However, just like any profession, not everyone is fit to work onboard. If you are one of the many who are looking for ship jobs, consider asking yourself the questions below to know if a ship-based job suits you:


Can you withstand the loneliness and distance from your loved ones?


The job of seamen regardless of the types of ship where they are employed; whether it be a fishing vessel, tanker or cruise requires traveling in far places. They always have to work far from their families and friends so if you are someone who can’t bear homesickness or feels so alone in strange places, then maybe it is wise to consider other career options. All who wish to pursue a sea career should be ready to spend months or years far from home and their loved ones.


Can you get along  with people of different nationalities or personalities?


The workforce of a ship is composed of people from different countries so you may have to deal with people whose beliefs and principles are so different from your own. This means that a seafarer needs to have an open and non-judgmental mind that would be ready to accept the differences. One may also need to have a long patience. Striving to get along with your superiors and colleagues will prove beneficial both for yourself and your career. Since you are away from family, cultivating friendships among your colleagues would help you withstand homesickness.


Are you physically healthy?

Seafarers travel great distances and as they pass different territories and countries, they may also experience extreme and severe weather conditions. A seaman needs to ensure that his body can stand the working hazards that may be brought either by nature or by the demands of his work.


Consider the employment contract.

To guarantee that you know what you are getting yourself into, read the employment contract before signing it. Just like any other job position, reading the work contract and making sure you understand and agree with everything that is written on it is a must.  Any questions you may have about the contract should be discussed with the manning agency or the employer. 

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