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Top Reasons to Start a Sea Career

To pursue a career in the seafaring industry is not for the weak and incompetent. It requires specialized skill, rigorous training, hard work, determination and perseverance.


However even if the job of a seafarer is far from easy, it is a rewarding career that offers excellent benefits. Listed below are some of the things that people pursuing a maritime career enjoys:


High Salary:

The wages that seamen received are relatively higher compared to similar professions that work ashore. This enables most people with shipping jobs and their families to live a comfortable lifestyle. The wages of Filipino seamen working in international shipping companies may be higher compared to most average-income earners in the Philippines.


Save More

Saving money may come easier for seafarers because their expenses are limited onboard. Basic needs such as food and accommodation are already provided. The opportunity to spend is also limited as they are mostly onboard. This gives them an opportunity to grow their savings while they are working.  


Tax-free Income

Most people who earn a lot would also have to pay a higher tax rate. This is not the case for the seafarers because their salary is often tax-free.


Rapid Rise in the Career Ladder

A sea officer may not need to wait for so long just to get that much coveted job promotion. With proper working attitude, good work performance and required trainings, there is an opportunity for sea officers to immediately be promoted to higher ranks such as Captain or Chief Engineer. The new job title also equals an increase in salary and better benefits.


Free Travel Opportunity

Traveling is a worthwhile but expensive recreation. Most seafarers though have the opportunity to tour the world for free. Though they are mostly onboard, various stops of their ship destinations allow them to shortly visit places such as New York, Italy, Los Angeles, London, or Singapore.  


Challenging and exciting work environment

Working for a shipping company is challenging because it allows one to experience a workplace composed of different nationalities. Though life in a ship is not easy, the work environment is exciting and not monotonous as work schedules and challenges may vary depending on the ship’s route and weather.

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