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Pinoy Seamen Need Better Skills Training & Certification to Remain Competitive

 To keep the Filipino seafarers competitive and in-demand worldwide, a Filipino congressman advised the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) and the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) to implement measures that would strengthen the skills training and certification of Pinoy seamen.


In the proposal made by Rep. Julieta Cortuna of Party-list, A Teacher in House Resolution 2743, she urged Marina and the POEA to coordinate with maritime schools and seamen training centers so they can discuss and come up with possible solutions to the declining competency of Filipino seamen.


According to Cortuna, training centers and maritime schools in the Philippines did not meet the international standards set by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).


She said, “The failing mark given by the European Maritime Safety Agency automatically poses a threat on whether or not European manning agencies will prefer to board Filipino seafarers and whether or not European ports will be permitted to receive Filipino-owned and manned ships as a result of the assessment.”


The representative also calls on the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs to evaluate the possible impact on the deployment of Filipino seamen overseas because of the failure of training centers and seamen schools to meet the EMSA standards.


“The Philippines is supposedly one of the main sources of manpower of the international maritime industry. Despite the global economic crisis and Filipino seamen enjoy worldwide preference for seafaring jobs. The concerned government agency should look into the problems on skills training and certification for seamen which were raised by the representatives of EMSA,” she explained.

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