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Survey Says Pinoy Seaman Wrongly Labeled as Cheaters

 Do seafarers who have to endure long and probably lonesome voyages have the tendency to cheat? Or is the "seamanloloko" label unfair because seamen are actually faithful to their partners?


A recent survey reveals that majority thinks Filipino seamen are faithful to their partners back home. In the said survey, 68.8% of the respondents answered “No” to the question:


Seafarers have a reputation of being unfaithful to their partners. Do you think this is true?


Only 31.2% answered “Yes” they believe that seafarers are unfaithful or cheaters.  


The informal survey was conducted among site visitors of from August 27 to September 13, 2012.


When asked what drives seamen onboard to commit infidelity, 88% of the respondents cite loneliness as the main reason while 12% voted that it is due to the availability of sex workers.


Majority of the respondents, 57% are employed seafarers while 21.5% are unemployed seamen. Respondents that are employed but not pursuing sea careers make up 10.8% while 7.5% are non-seafarers and unemployed. Students or aspiring seafarers comprise 3.2%.


The survey respondents are dominated by males because while only 5.4% are female respondents, 94.6% are males.


Most respondents, 45.2% are between the ages of 30-39 while 23% are 40 to 49 years old. Those that are 21-29 year olds are 19.4% while 8.6% are between 50-59 years old. Only 2.2% are 20 years old and younger while only 1.1% is more than 60 years old.


Do you believe in the result of this survey? 

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