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Seafarers, You Can Avoid Illegal Recruiters with These Reminders

Seafarers seeking new opportunities should be wary of the maritime job offers that are offered to them. With the advancement of technology, unscrupulous individuals have found a way to use the internet for their fraudulent activities by offering fake job opportunities via email, social media and various other means.

Remember these important facts about applying for a maritime job to help you avoid illegal recruiters’ schemes:

1.    Seafarers are exempted from paying the placement fee. POEA prohibits manning agencies from collecting placement fees from fishermen and seafarers alike.

2.    According to POEA, medical examination is required after the applicant is hired. Medical examination certificate is valid for 3 months only. Requiring this at the start of the application process is not advisable as it may take months before the seafarer gets hired.

3.    Do not submit original documents to the agency. Present your original documents but submit only the photocopies to the agency. Documents such as your passport, birth certificate, Seaman’s Book and the like are your personal property.

4.    Ignore unsolicited emails that offer promising jobs in cruise ships. Job offers via emails like these usually ask applicants to pay certain fees through a courier or remittance service. Also, do not provide or send details of your bank or credit card accounts if the email asks you to.

5.    Apply only to the official hiring partners of cruise lines and shipping companies. If you are eyeing a particular foreign shipping company, go to their website to see the list of their recommended manning agencies where you can submit your application to.

To ensure that you are on the right track to fulfilling your dream maritime career, transact only with POEA-licensed agencies. You can also build your SeamanJobsite profile and apply to sea-based jobs on our website where hundreds of licensed manning agencies and official partners of foreign shipping companies post their crew needs.


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