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3 Ways to Revolutionize your Maritime Job Search

According to the BIMCO and ICS Manpower Reports, there are approximately 1.6 million seafarers in the world in 2015, with 400,000 Filipino seafarers dominating the 25% of the total population.

Yes, the competition is tough, but for a seafarer wanting to find better job opportunities, building an online resume will help you stand out. In the Philippines alone, more than 400 manning agencies and shipping companies use online job portals, such as, to find qualified applicants.

So go where they scout. Build a SeamanJobsite profile and get noticed by hundreds of recruitment officers and potential shipping companies.

Here are three (3) simple ways to revolutionize your search for better sea-based career opportunities:

1. Complete your SeamanJobsite profile.

More than anything else, your SeamanJobsite profile is the most essential tool to catch the attention of the recruiters. Allot a sufficient amount of time to complete it. Aside from providing your personal information, do not miss out on filling out the details for the following:

• Educational background

• Certificate of Competency (COC)

• Travel Documents like your seaman handbook, passport and VISA, if any

• Prior Services/Work Experiences – specify your rank, the vessel name, type, GRT, and joining dates. Start with the most recent employment.


2. Make it short but catchy.

Recruitment officers spend an average of 6 seconds to scan each candidate’s resume. Use strong keywords to highlight your qualifications, and skills to impress them.

3. Knock on agencies’ doors using your SeamanJobsite Profile.

After building your profile, check our website and search for your desired maritime job regularly. Apply online using your SeamanJobsite profile to as many relevant job postings as you can. Do not just let your profile sit there. Sending your applications online is like knocking on a recruiter’s door without having to leave your home to visit them personally at their office.

Bonus tip:

Always remember your login account information such as your email address, username ID and password.

Connect with numerous shipping companies here and abroad by going on-board through!



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