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Discover the Many Ways to Enjoy While Working at Sea

Seafarers stay on board for a long period of time and they might find sailing monotonous. But there are ways to keep the fleet entertained and cheerful while at sea. SeamanJobsite will tell you how to slay and keep each navigation a memorable experience.

1. Stay connected with your loved ones through the social media and free messaging apps. Maximize the internet whenever possible.

2. Old school never gets old. Try non-electronic pastimes like playing cards and board games. You will discover how such activities can build up camaraderie among fellow seafarers.


3. Rediscover your forgotten interest in arts or music. Write poems, compose a song, draw, learn to play a new musical instrument or hone your innate talent in music.

4. Splurge on movies and TV series during your free time with your co-seafarers.

5. Celebrate special occasions with the crew but remember to party moderately and responsibly.

6. Prep up the fishing rod and catch fish. This is one of the common pastimes of many seafarers. You need to be careful though as you may get a poisonous catch.

7. Appreciate the good food and those who prepared it. One of the perks of being a seafarer is that you get to enjoy the luscious meals that are being prepared by seasoned cooks.

8. Engage on sports and fitness activities. These will help you maintain a sound mind and body.

9. Get enough sleep. One of the best things to regain energy and destress is to a good shut-eye moment. Do not deprive yourself of this free delightful treat.

10. Read. There are different types of books you can read. You may go for fictional, science and other interesting world facts, comics, and maritime-related books. Whichever you choose, you sure will learn something new every time.

Learn how to strike the right balance between work and pleasure. This will keep your pace and motivation while on board. 

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