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3 Ways to A Smooth-Sailing Work Relationship with Co-Seafarers

Seafaring is an interesting and rewarding occupation and getting along with co-seafarers while on board will make it more worthwhile as you sail with them in months.

Vessels operating internationally are being manned by seafarers from different countries like Philippines, Indonesia, China, and Russia. And during month-long voyage, seafarers have no other people to deal with but the whole crew. Like in any other operations, team work is required on board. Learn to deal with various races and cultures while at sea with these SeamanJobsite tips:


Practice Cultural Exchange.

Culture and race onboard is diverse and one of the best ways to achieve a harmonious environment is cultural exchange. This will enable each seafarer to share, learn and understand each other’s values and beliefs. You can also learn a new language by interacting with


Be Fair. Stay Away from Cliques.

Avoid creating a small group of peers. Be professional as much as you can by demonstrating an act of fairness not just to your fellow Filipino seafarers but to the rest of the fleet. Acting fair will eliminate the notion of racism and discrimination. Stay in the middle of every argument and conflict. Do not take sides and be the peace-maker.


Be Understanding and Accommodating.

As much as you try to be friendly and fair to your every co-seafarer, there will always be an individual or two who will treat you or others adversely. But worry not. Treat difficult persons with respect and civility. Look for their strength and how they are able to contribute to your workforce instead of their flaws. Spend more time with them, eat meals with the rest of the crew, and work hard on bringing up non-work related topics to establish a more personal connection thus creating friendship little by little.


Be the one spreading the positive vibe on board. And most of all, remember that you have larger priorities that you should be focusing on – your seafaring career.

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