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Apply for the Top Domestic Seafaring Jobs Now

According to the Danish Export Association, the Philippines continues to grow as one of the largest shipbuilding nations in the world base on its growth from being the fifth in 2012 to being fourth world’s largest shipbuilding country in 2014. With this, ‎Ambassador of Denmark to the Philippines, Jan Top Christensen, believes that the Philippines will keep moving up in this trade.


With the ongoing progress of the local maritime system, domestic seafaring career opportunities are concurrently emerging. Join the growing fleet of the Philippine shipping industry. As your maritime career partner, we listed the top inter-island sea-based job opportunities in different vessels posted by POEA-licensed manning agencies at

  • Landing Craft Transportation (LCT) and Bulk Carrier

POEA-licensed manning agencies who are providing employment for domestic-operating vessels like LCT and bulk carriers are looking for Deck Cadets, Engine Cadets, Electrical Superintendents, Second Mates, Second Engineers, Third Mates, Third Engineers, Chief Cooks, Chief Engineers, and Chief Mates.

  • Tanker

Hundreds of tanker vessels operating in the Philippines are in need of seafarers from various ranks including Deck Cadets, Able Bodied Seamen, Assistant Pumpmen, Third Mates, Associate in Marine Engineering Graduates, Associate in Marine Transportation Graduates, Automotive Graduates, Chief Mates, and Diesel Mechanics.

  • RORO – Passenger (also ROPAX)

Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) ships are vessels capable of carrying different cargos including vehicles from one port to another. Able Bodied Seamen, Chief Officers, Deck Officers, Engine Officers, Chief Electricians, and Chief Engineers are just among the fleet needed by various manning agencies in the country.

  • Tug Boat

Generally, tug boats are designed to pull vessels that cannot move by themselves like disabled ships, oil platforms and barges. To date, manning agencies with valid POEA license are hiring qualified candidates for the following positions: Assistant Engineers, Chief Engineers, and Chief Mates.

Other vessels with seafaring job vacancies that are legitimately operating in the Philippines are Oil and Chemical Vessel, LPG or gas carrier, and Container. Job opportunities for these vessels are generally for Assistant Technical Superintendents, Bosuns, Chief Engineers, Chief Officers, and Chief Marine Engineers.

While most Filipino seafarers are considered vital in the international shipping industry, the local trade is also moving forward. Be one of the sailing workers who are able to experience the beauty of our own seas without being away from their homes. Sign-up now at and apply to these opportunities in few clicks.


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