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Pointers to Start Your Seafaring Career Right

Before taking a step towards your chosen seafaring career, it is important to complete your maritime education from schools and training centers that are duly recognized by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This is to ensure that the skills and knowledge that you acquire are in compliance with the global standards set by the International Maritime Authority (IMO).

To secure a smooth-sailing voyage towards your dream career in the shipping industry, SeamanJobsite prepared some tips that can help you identify the appropriate maritime development institutions:

1. Refer to the official websites of MARINA and CHED to check the updated list of accredited maritime schools and training institutions.

​2. Validate the school or training center’s ability to provide top-class education to its students by looking at its passing rate in all maritime board exams.

3. Verify the institution’s facilities or equipment that are imperative to the development of the students/trainees.


Learning from MARINA or CHED-recognized maritime learning institutions will definitely help you land a seafaring job easily. Once enrolled in a well-recognized school or training center, put on your thinking hat to master the necessary knowledge and skills. Remember, obtaining a good academic record is equally important as being mentally and physically ready to face the possible challenges onboard.

Now that you discovered the means to identify the right maritime institution, hasten your way towards your dream seafaring career by building your SeamanJobsite profile. This will give a you a higher chance to be noticed by POEA-licensed manning agencies who are looking for qualified Filipino seafarers to join their crew.


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