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Breaking the Maritime Industry's Backer Phenomenon With SeamanJobsite

For years, it has been a common misconception that the backer system in the Philippine maritime industry is one of the effective ways to get an onboard job. Through the backer system, applicants referred by currently employed seafarers are believed to have a higher chance of being processed and hired by manning agencies. It has another type called the “buddy system” wherein an applicant for a higher position like an officer post has to bring one cadet along to qualify.

Contrary to this common knowledge, there are a lot of Filipino seafarers who were able to successfully pursue their seafaring career without the need for a “backer” or referral. Let SeamanJobsite help you find your onboard job on your own just like these successful seafarers.


Here’s how and why:

Nowadays, most employers and recruitment agencies are looking for candidates online as it is the fastest and most affordable way to fill their job vacancies.

To date, 75% of POEA-licensed manning agencies in the Philippines are able to hire and deploy seafarers with the help of, the Philippine’s leading jobsite tailored to Filipino seafarers. With SeamanJobsite, you can send applications to various manning agencies for free even at the comforts of your home. Just prep your computer, tablet or smartphone, secure a strong internet connection and you are good to go!


Why create a SeamanJobsite Profile?

Creating a SeamanJobsite profile is all you need to get that seafaring position you’ve been eyeing for. Whether you are a cadet seeking for apprenticeship, an experienced rating, or a licensed officer, you can now apply for onboard jobs without going through the heavy traffic and spending a lot to visit a number of agencies to be considered for an interview.


How to get started?

Follow these simple steps and start your online application:

  1. Go to the SeamanJobsite’s Registration Page and fill out the registration form.
  2. Tick the “Allow agencies to search for my profile” box.
  3. Tick the “I agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of” upon reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website.
  4. Hit the SUBMIT button.
  5. Your page will reload. Re-enter your login details and complete your SeamanJobsite profile to increase your chance of getting noticed by POEA-licensed manning agencies.


Upon completing your profile, you may start browsing through your preferred jobs from thousands of job openings on the page.

Imagine your social media friend actively posting a status on his account and seeing them often on your newsfeed, the same principle applies to your SeamanJobsite profile. The more active or updated your profile is, the higher the chance of being noticed by the recruitment officers.  Stay active by logging in to your profile regularly and by sending applications to agencies as often as you can.



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