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Largest Human Anchor: University of Antique Sets Record

Feb 04, 2016

To acknowledge the significant contributions of all Filipino seafarers and everyone in the Philippine maritime industry, the University of Antique (UA) in Sibalom, Antique formed the largest human anchor in the world thus, setting the world record on January 19, 2016 highlighting their 62nd Foundation Day.


The human anchor was formed through the unity of 6,000 participants on the school grounds of UA. Students, faculty, staff, and volunteers took part to make this possible. To be able to gather this huge number, UA united with the Angkla party list organization.


Angkla party list Representative Jesulito Manalo expressed his utmost appreciation to the Filipino seafarers. According to him “Presently, Filipinos are regarded the world’s premier seafarer of choice. Thus, they are among the major contributors to our nation’s socioeconomic progress, as their annual billions of dollars in remittances continually grow.”


He further added that the Filipino seamen equally provide our country a sense of pride as they play pivotal roles in shipping, which still remains an indispensable mode of connecting the world.


The official certificate is yet to be issued by the Guinness World Record to attest that the former record of 230 people forming the anchor has been beaten.

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