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Marlow & KSMA Renew Training Cooperation


Marlow Navigation and Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA) have renewed their longstanding maritime training cooperation in Ukraine.

The agreement was signed between Marlow Navigation’s Chairman, Hermann Eden and Rector of KSMA, Professor V.F. Khodakovsky during the inauguration ceremony of 2015’s new Ukrainian marine cadets.


Marlow Navigation & KSMA sign maritime training agreement 


“Over the last eight years, we have built a solid foundation for excellent collaboration. I am pleased to renew our cooperation, and look towards additional long term projects for upgrading training programmes, and facilities at the academy,” stated Eden. “These will no doubt help firmly position the Academy as the best maritime institution in Ukraine, and as a leading international maritime centre of excellence,” he added.

Marlow Navigation Chairman, Hermann Eden and Manager of Operations & Training, International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC), Adam Lewis cut the ribbon to the new English language laboratory    


As an industry partner to the Academy, Marlow Navigation continues to increase its intake of Ukrainian cadets on board crew managed ships as part of its ‘hands-on’ approach in training and developing maritime officers. At the same time, concentrating efforts in modernising and enriching specialised training and educational facilities at the academy, both in shipping and the offshore sector.

“Marlow Navigation has become our reliable partner and an employing company for the plenty of our graduates, as well as sufficient investor in the development of our educational and laboratory base,” commented Khodakovsky. 

“Our role in the preparation of maritime specialists is to pledge and assure the necessary support for cadets, right from the very beginning, so that in good time they become marine officers,” said General Manager, Marlow Navigation, Captain Alfred Von Der Hoeh in his address at the ceremony.

Tour of some of the maritime & offshore training facilities at KSMA   

“We are committed to continue doing our part for this mutual benefit, and also for the promotion and assistance of Kherson’s cadets – future Ukrainian marine officers,” concludes Von Der Hoeh. 



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