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What Problems Seafarers May Face while Traveling Abroad

Seafarers will have to travel first to other countries before they can join their ships crew. And most of the times, seafarers faces problems while traveling just to reach their destination.  This is because each foreign land has a different rules, laws, customs and traditions that seafarers must follow every time.

Problems seafarers may meet along the way:

Airport security check - There have been cases of seafarers detained for not following laws of the countries they go to. Seafarers are usually not aware of local laws of their destination ports. It is a must that you check laws of the country you are to visit to avoid any trouble.

Immigration issues - Errors in joining, appointment and ‘ok to board’ letters are the common problems that a seafarer will face with immigration officers. To avoid these, you must double-check documents once it is handed on to you. Important seafarer’s documents and passport should also be kept in good condition and without any torns, folds, or stamping so that problems with immigration officials will not arise.

Lost or stolen baggage -  Many passengers have experienced losing their luggage on their journey to other countries. In such cases, a seafarer should promptly inform the agent and shipping office about the situation. Also, don’t forget to file a complaint with the airlines and claim the ‘stolen luggage’ allowance once you’re on the ship. This is also a good reminder for seafarers to always have an extra pair of clothings in their hand carry luggage.

Important documents lost - When traveling abroad, the seafarers documents will be their official identity. Keeping a backup of these documents should be a precaution for every seafarer. Photocopying, scanning, or storing in your electronic gadgets with the use of apps can help you keep and manage your important documents. But in case you lose them, report it to authorities right away, including your shipping company.

Missed flights - Often seafarers must take connecting flights to reach their destination ports to join ship or when returning home. Certain reasons can affect these, making seafarers missed their flights. If you miss your flight, immediately contact your shipping company personnel and tell them about your situation. Approach airport administration officers too, so you can ask how long you can stay at the airport while your shipping company personnel are making the necessary arrangements for your next flight.

To deal with these problems in other countries is hard for every seafarers. Being informed, aware and taking extra precautions are the ways seafarers can handle such situations abroad.

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