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How Seafarers Can Get Promoted Onboard

Seafarers  can also get promoted onboard, but requires the same amount of hard work and persistence like what other profession should put.


Aside from these, luck also plays an important role. Yes there are seafarers who do extra effort in what they do, but not all can be promoted. Promotion in career at sea also requires the right attitude and optimism.


Career progression in maritime career can be annoying and envious to others. But this also means an elevation in rank and salary grade.


Here are some tips on how seafarers can get the promotion they're eyeing:


Excel at work. Dedication is the key. When a seafarer shows commitment in his work, it is likely that the company will see this and be glad to give promotion.


Showcase leadership.  Be a team player, a respectful subordinate and a good leader that motivates other crew members. Show that you have the strength and the qualities of a great leader.


Learn everyday. Yes, you may have know a lot, but still there are many things you can learn everyday onboard. Improve by learning new things in your everyday situation and from your co-seafarers as well. Seafarers can also research on updated skills and techniques they can adapt.


Prove your worth. Having the promotion means you are worth of the position to be given. As a seafarer, you should possess the qualities your superiors are looking for. You should also have performed your duties and responsibility beyond expectations to prove that you are worthy of the promotion.


Build camaraderie.  Have a good interpersonal relationship with your co-workers and your superiors. Be involved in management decisions, safety or work related meetings and even social interactions. This will make you and your co-seafarers comfortable with each other.




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