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Disability Claims for Filipino Seafarers Relating to Illnesses or Diseases


Life at sea is not easy. Aside from homesickness, Filipino seafarers are also prone to illnesses, disorders, accidents and pirate attacks while onboard any vessel.


This is the reason why Filipino seafarers are mandated to obtain benefits under the Philippine law before they will be deployed to join any vessel. This includes Social Security System, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Pag-IBIG or Home Development Mutual Fund, and others.


Filipino seafarers should know that disability compensation does not mean one should be paralyzed or totally disabled. Disability claims are not for the injury itself, but the inability of the seafarer to perform his work or duty, thus making him unable to earn his wage for a specified period of time.


According to Section 20, paragraph B (6) of POEA’s Standard Terms and Conditions governing the employment of Filipino seafarers onboard ocean-going vessels, “In case of permanent total or partial disability of the seafarer caused by either injury or illness, the seafarer shall be compensated in accordance with the schedule of benefits arising from an illness or disease shall be governed by the rates and the rules of compensation applicable at the time the illness or disease was contracted”.


Proven that the injury was obtained onboard while on duty, the Filipino seafarer can claim this from his employer. It should be noted though, that any unlawful act, or breach of contract or duties that result to such injury or illness of the seafarer shall waive rights on this.


Aside from the compensation to be received from the employer, the Filipino seafarer should and would also receive the same benefits from government agencies mentioned above, given that proper documents needed were shown as proof of the claim.


It is a must that a Filipino seafarer have read his contract and fully understands its content to know if his benefits for such situation will be covered. Obtaining a personal insurance will also be as good as savings for seafarers in preparation of what may happen in the future.

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