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10 Common Injuries Seafarer May Face Onboard

Aside from the accidents that happen onboard ships, there are also injuries that seafarers may acquire while performing their duty.

Most injuries though are because of negligence by the seafarer themselves. Some fails to follow safety procedures implemented onboard, thus resulting to personal injuries.

Some of these injuries that seafarer faced onboard are:


  1. Eye Injury.  There are certain jobs onboard that can cause harm to seafarer’s eye. This includes welding, painting, chipping, and handling hazardous chemicals. At such, seafarers should always put on the appropriate eye gear for protection.
  2. Head Injury.  This is also one common injury that happens onboard, which results from failure to duck when in low areas or under machinery systems. Sometimes, head butt happens when two seafarers work together.
  3. Hand and Foot Injury. Seafarers are provided with gloves and safety shoes for protection. But sometimes, hand and foot injuries still happen like loosing grip of objects, thread of gloves caught in machines, burns, falling objects, trips and falls because of slippery area. This is the reason why seafarers should always wear their protective gear when working.

  4. Burns and Scald. Seafarers should be extra cautious when handling hot pipelines, steams and fires to avoid burns and scald.
  5. Electrocution/Electric Shock. Open or exposed wires and electrical connections can cause accidents which can be fatal for seafarers. This is why such things should be handled carefully.
  6. Deck Operation Injury.  Mooring and cargo handling can also cause accidents and injuries, so seafarers should make sure that all safety precautions be observed when there are  cargo operations.
  7. Trips and Falls.  Accidents like trips and falls causes injuries since slippery floors, oily surfaces, and tools lying around is a common scene onboard ships.  Seafarers can lessen these if they personally observe cleanliness and keep tools in their right places.
  8.  Back Injury. Back injury usually happens when lifting heavy loads. Proper posture should be observe by seafarers when doing so to avoid strained back muscles.
  9. Misuse of tools and equipments. Injuries can also be acquired from improper use of tools and equipment onboard ships. Seafarers must remember that every tool or equipment is designed for a certain usage and should not be use for other purposes.
  10.  Cuts.  Sharp tools and equipment should not be left lying around places on ships to avoid cuts and bruises. Any broken or damaged tools and equipment should be disposed or kept properly.


Seafarers can only avoid or lessen such injuries if they’ll be cautious by wearing their protective gears when doing their work onboard ships. Just like what they say, precaution is better than cure. So always keep safe, mates.


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