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How a Seaman Can Handle Co-Workers Attitude

Seafarers perform an admirable service to the society by navigating and assisting in the operations of waterborne vessels despite facing hazardous risks such as maritime terrorism and rough weather.

Quite a lot of issues faced by the shipping industry have made seafarers’ lives at sea extremely problematic. However, in a profession that needs the utmost cooperation and harmony in the workplace, one of the most dragging glitches might be conflicts between you and your co-seafarers.

Seafaring is an interesting and rewarding occupation, but if you do not get along with your co-seafarers, considering that you spend most of your days seeing them, it can take its toll on your work life; hence, interpersonal conflicts among seamen should be resolved immediately.

Good relationship among co-workers in the workplace can make the difference between success and failure for many things, so, seafarers should work together and try to keep arguments to a minimum. This will always be a not so easy thing to achieve aboard, but it is worth the effort because it leads to a more harmonious and productive work life.

In order to deal with difficult co-seafarers, the best strategy is to kill them with kindness.  For every annoying sigh, offer a smile. For every biting remark, arrange an understanding response. Always stand your ground but do not retort to their unpleasantness. Be the better person, keep your calm when confronted with denunciations, do not amplify the situation.

Remember, there is no law that requires us to be best friends with fellow seamen. However, come to the consciousness that you still need to try to be professional and treat the difficult persons with respect and graciousness. Continue to focus on your work and appreciate that there is something that you can learn from the difficult co-workers, even if it is just the fact that you do not want to be as spiteful as them.

If you still feel the indifference of your co-seafarers despite doing these things, be honest with yourself and consider whether there’s anything in your behavior that is making your co-workers hesitant to include you.

Once you’ve recognized the reasons you are being left out, it is time to act. One of the best ways you can do this is to spend more time with them. Make the extra effort to talk to people about their coursework, eat meals with the rest of the crew, and work especially hard on bringing up non-work related topics.

However, if it turns out that your fellow seamen are really just loathsome… pause, breathe, and reflect. It’s on them; you have better priorities than deal with them anyway. 

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