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Latest job openings for Ordinary Seamen and Bosun


Filipino seamen looking for that rare opportunity to join crews for vessels as ordinary seaman or bosun is lucky this time. POEA-licensed manning agencies have posted their job vacancies with

Here are some of the job openings:

Ordinary Seaman

50 Ordinary Seamen for container/general cargo/heavylift/multi-purpose/RoRo

Applicant must have functioned as OS or at least gained 12-month experience as crew on an international sailing vessel, with valid US visa and Marina COP.

5 Ordinary Seamen for oil and chemical tankers

Applicant must have 12-month experience as OS on any tanker vessels and required to have a US visa.

5 Ordinary Seamen for general cargo/heavylift

Applicant must have at least 16-month experience as OS on general cargo/heavylift, with valid STCW documents and US visa.

10 Ordinary Seamen for oilchem

Applicant must have complete and valid documents.

2 Ordinary Seamen for VLCC tanker

Applicant must have OS experience on-board oil tanker vessel and with valid US visa.

10 Ordinary Seamen for tanker

Applicant must have at least 1- year work experience as OS, with ready travel documents and can be with or without US visa.

2 Ordinary Seamen for container

Applicant must have at least 1-year experience in container vessel and with US visa.


2 Bosuns for bulk carrier

Applicant must have 12-month solid experience on bulk carriers.

2 Bosuns for luxury cruise ship

Applicant must have 3-year recent experience as bosun in luxury cruise ship, physically and medically fit, with no visible tattoo and with valid documents.

3 Bosuns for oilchem

Applicant must have at least 1-year experience as bosun.

For more list of job openings, click here.

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