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Why the World Needs Filipino Seamen

Filipinos are known for being hardworking, trustworthy, dependable and steadfast in their chosen field.  Those characteristics are the main and important qualities of a seafarer that makes them be chosen among the many aspiring applicants nowadays.


Pinoys, as they are fondly known, as seafarers have dominated the shipping industry for years and despite the hardships they encounter, they toil and endure being away from their loved ones.  Families are their source of inspiration and encouragement to go on with working abroad even on angry seas and being away for a long period of time.


So why are more Pinoys pursuing a job on ships or cruise lines?  Top answer is the bigger compensation they get from working domestically plus the opportunity to go to other countries when their ship docks.  Other reasons vary from change of jobs to adventure in the seas.


Benefits of Pinoy Seamen in the Shipping Industry

  • Pinoys are hardworking and patient.  They can withstand long hours and hard labor so most employers choose them over other nationalities as workers.

  • Pinoy seamen thrive on difficult times.  No matter what the obstacle is or what the problem is they tend to overcome it with optimism.

  • Fearless is one key factor that makes Pinoy seamen standout from the rest.  It makes them face challenges that come their way with enthusiasm.

  • Most Pinoys are friendly and happy workers.  They can make a fellow worker feel light when they see that the other seems troubled.

  • A Pinoy seaman is considered a gem of a worker as he finds his work truly a chance to prove that he is worthy of such opportunity.

  • Most important trait of a Pinoy seaman is their love for God and country.  They take pride in telling the world that they are from the Philippines and that they are strengthened by their faith in God.


A number of Filipinos prefer working overseas to give their families a better future and their children better education.  They find working as seamen as a wonderful opportunity to make that dream happen.  It will also give them fulfillment as workers and good providers for their families.


A Pinoy seaman is someone who will be beneficial to any employer as he puts his heart and soul to what he does.  He never minds if he is away from home and his family or being gripped with loneliness.  As long as he can accomplish the job at hand and work well with the other workers.  That to him is where the Pinoy heart lies.




Truly proudly Pinoy!

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