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No Seaman Will be Lost Forever: HRAS Launched Missing Seafarers Register

There are many cases of unreported missing seafarers and fisherman all around the globe. Families, despite unclear answers, keep their hopes up that one day, their missing beloved seaman will return.


To make sure that no single seafarer or fisherman will be forever lost, Human Rights at Sea or HRAS has launched ‘Missing Seafarers Register’.


The Missing Seafarers Register is part of the Missing Seafarers Reporting Programme by HRAS, which is an independent maritime human rights organization based in London. It is an important international public resource where details about missing seafarers and fisherman can be submitted.


With the aim to raise international awareness on issues concerning seafarers and fishermen lost at sea alive, HRAS’ programme will also forward this cases to maritime authorities, flag states, governments, ship owners/managers, civil society organizations, NGOs and the general public. They also want to push legal investigations into cases of abuse, injury and even death at sea.


The Missing Seafarers Register can be access at the following websites:


HRAS hopes to build an accurate international database of the missing seafarers and fishermens status on a global basis which can be tracked and where people with key information can update the details.





*source: marineinsight


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