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5 Proven Ways to be a Great Seaman Dad

Feb 16, 2015

Being a seaman comes with several perks. Aside from the handsome salary, you get to explore the world, see new places, make new friends, and more. There is, however, a huge drawback – this type of profession takes you away from home. You will usually be miles away as family members celebrate special occasions together.

Fulfilling your work duties and your responsibilities as a father can be somewhat challenging. It will definitely take a lot of effort but as many would attest, it is possible to be effective in both.

Here are 5 practical tips for you to be a great seaman daddy:


1. Get in touch often

Constant communication is one of the keys in maintaining a strong bond with your children. Call them frequently. Additionally, you can take advantage of modern technology. Send messages on Facebook or Twitter. Do video calls via Skype. Contact them via SMS. That way, you can keep your phone bills low without sacrificing your bond.   


2. Listen to them and be supportive

Communication needs to be 2-way if it is to be effective. So as you get in touch with your kids, be genuinely interested in their lives. Ask questions about their activities and interests. Generously compliment them as they share accomplishments. Cheer them up and offer some fatherly advice whenever they have problems. Keep in mind though that some kids may not be comfortable about opening up during family calls. In these cases, it’s a better idea to do personal calls. Make it a habit to tell them that you love them.


3. Remember special occasions

Your kids will appreciate it if you can greet them during their birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions. Can’t make it home for Christmas? Make your presence felt by calling them and telling them you miss them. Send gifts if possible.


4. Keep your word

You’ll find it hard to gain your family’s trust if you are always breaking promises. So do yourself a favor by not making any promises you’re not sure you can keep. 


5. Spend quality time together when you’re home

Sure, it can be fun to catch up with friends and colleagues but make sure that your family is your biggest priority each time you’re home. Schedule an outing or any fun activity your family might enjoy. Go out on dates with each of your kids and allow them to decide how they’d like to spend their time with you. One child may prefer seeing a movie while another may simply want to grab something from the toy store.


By doing these 5 things, you can develop a stronger relationship with your children even when you’re usually halfway around the world.

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