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This Job Opening has already expired. It is provided only for reference purposes.

1 (CEBU) THIRD OFFICER / MATE - Inter Island
VESSEL TYPE : Container Cargo

Address: Don Carlos A. Gothong Port Centre, Quezon Blvd., Pier 4, Cebu City
Country: Philippines
Contact No: (032) 231-7100
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Opening Date: Feb 19, 2013
Closing Date: Aug 19, 2013
Proposed Salary:
About the Job:



  • Responsible in reporting to the Master and Chief Officer for briefing on his duties and responsibilities in line with the shipboard procedures. Aboard freighter vessels, the Third Officer may act as the ship’s Ship Safety Officer.
  • In assisting the Chief Officer for all life saving and firefighting equipment.
  • The maintenance and repair of all life saving and firefighting equipment. Any defects on its working efficiency must be reported to the Chief Mate for the necessary job order.
  • The upkeep of the required certificates of all the Officers and ratings on board. He must ensure that officer’s certificates, individual SOLAS certificates, certificates must be notified to the crew concern and the Crewing Department.
  • To the Master and the Chief Mate for the efficient and safe performance of his duties during navigation. He must at all times during navigational watch apply all the necessary collision regulations, call the Master in any circumstances that is deem necessary.
  • To the Master and Chief Mate to report incidents, accidents and other similar occurrences that transpired during his watch.
  • To the Master and Chief Mate all the machinery equipment and other concerns on his assigned station during maneuver. The Third Officer maybe assigned by the Master on the forecastle or at the poop deck and any deficiency on his station must be immediately reported for appropriate action.
  • Ensuring that he must not in any circumstances leave his watch, or delegate his duties to a crewmember. Swapping of duties with his co-officer on board must have the permission from the Master. He must not leave his post unless he is properly relieved by a responsible Officer.
  • Preparation of the Monthly Inventory of SOLAS equipment and the Maintenance Report Log (for Firefighting and Life-saving Equipment) for submission to the Technical Manager every month. Please see Appendix 7.11 and Appendix 7.29 respectively.
  • To the Master, under the supervision of the Chief Officer in his duties relating to the loading and unloading of cargoes, ballasting and de-ballasting, re-watering, supervision on the crew’s day work and other works that maybe assigned to him by the Master during his port watch.
  • To the Master, all the required documents for the vessel’s departure are complied with. He must under his supervision, constantly monitor the clearing Officer assigned for clearing, that all are in order before the vessel applies for clearance.






    • BSMT graduate from recognized institution/school
    • Copy of licenses, certificates and other qualification documents.
    • MARINA STCW endorsement of certificates of position required
    • QDC (Quality Documentation Certificate) for non- tanker
    • SRIB (Seaman’s Registry Identification Book)
    • Valid NBI Clearance
    • Valid Medical certificate (from DOH/MARINA accredited clinic)


No fees shall be collected from the applicants. Beware of the illegal recruiters.

This Job Opening has already expired. It is provided only for reference purposes.